Measure Collaboration

Evalu8ing is a simple way to measure collaboration between multiple teams within your organisation and your agencies or business partners. We work with you to determine the key areas of collaboration across these teams, and use Evalu8ing to determine how well these groups are collaborating.

This process allows early identification of any issues and addresses them before they become long term problems, as well as focusing on the key collaboration factors that drive performance and growth.

By tracking collaboration with 3 , 6  or 12 monthly surveys,  you can compare results over time, across teams, and against industry benchmarks.

Improve Engagement

We’ve found as organisations become larger and more complex, the more likely it is groups or teams work in silos focusing on the goals of the individual group rather than the organisation as a whole.

By using Evalu8ing, and improving the engagement between teams and business partners we’ve seen teams work together to achieve common goals.

Drive Performance

The key to driving performance from better collaboration is knowing what elements of collaboration actually affect performance. Truly collaborative relationships embrace conflict, healthy debate, commitment and business result accountability. We help you to make sure you have the right measurements in place to improve performance.

We help clients improve their collaboration and engagement across teams, which allows them to focus on achieving their overall business objectives.