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4 Simple Questions

An Evalu8ing survey is based around 4 simple questions:

  • Who are the groups to be surveyed?
  • How do each of these groups interact with each other?
  • Who are the participants in each group?
  • What questions will you ask – what attributes are to be measured?

If you know all these then you’re ready to start –

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Or find out more about Evalu8ing

Use our free Evalu8ing Pre Survey Resources to help collate your information.

Manage Evalu8ing Yourself

Or if you’d like a look at our Step by Step Guide on how to set up an Evalu8ing survey, then click here for the Evalu8ing Set up Guide. It’s short & sweet and provides a quick overview.

Here’s a Step by Step Guide!

Or if you’re a ‘I love to read the manual’ type of person, click here to download the Evalu8ing Managers Guide for detailed, step by step instructions. We also have an Evalu8ing Participants Guide to help anyone to complete the survey.

Or We Can Manage It For You

Or if you’d like to have a Strategic Marketing Management consultant manage, facilitate and report on the process for you, simply contact TrinityP3. They’re experts at this.