Business relationships are rarely one-to-one these days. So why use a ‘one-on-one’ online survey?  Or even ‘one to many’ survey?

Measure & Manage Complexity

Today many people work with many others in complex relationships. And these relationships are important in ensuring the success or failure in achieving your business objectives – be it aligning with internal stakeholders or working with external suppliers.

So managing, monitoring and maximising these relationships are important to the success of every organisation and every process.

Yet most online surveys and interviews do not see the complexity facing these organizational interactions. Instead they conveniently see the world in a ‘one to one’ structure, ie ‘One Group’ evaluating ‘Another Group’ and visa-versa.

A Multidimensional Evaluation

Evalu8ing goes beyond the prosaic score card check list to provide a multidimensional evaluation system that allows you to measure, manage and maximise the performance of complex business relationships. It’s the only online survey to evaluate relationships between up to 8 groups – this can be with:
• suppliers, colleagues or collaborators
• within organisations or across multiple organisations
• within one building, one city or across the globe

Evalu8ing is ‘next practice’ in achieving maximum potential from your stakeholder resources.

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