Measure Collaboration

Using Evalu8ing, we measure how multiple teams are currently collaborating together. We identify the issues preventing collaboration, and work with you to develop a plan to address these issues.

By tracking collaboration with 3 , 6  or 12 monthly surveys,  you can compare results over time, across teams, and against industry benchmarks.

Improve Engagement

We help our clients achieve stronger collaboration between teams working towards common goals.  The teams become more engaged and aligned in achieving overall business results.

Drive Performance

The key to driving performance from better collaboration is knowing what elements of collaboration actually affect performance.  Truly collaborative relationships embrace conflict, healthy debate, commitment and business result accountability.  Collaboration is not about being friends with everyone. We help you to make sure you have the right measurements in place to improve performance.

We help clients improve their collaboration and engagement across teams, which allows them to focus on achieving their overall business objectives.